Wednesday, July 16, 2008


My office has a deck that serves as a fabulous cafeteria during the months when it's not covered in snow. Sadly, yesterday the door to the deck bore the following message:
Please do not step onto the deck. The [building management company] is having electrical work done on the deck. Please. for your own safety, we encourage you not to open this door until further notice.
When I told G about this sign his response was, "don't do it, babe . . . even if you think opening the door would make a good blog post."

So far so good...

2 comments: said...

But really... How long can this last?
I can see a newspaper headline now. "Office worker/Blogger loses all her hair in electrical accident on deck of local office building."
MUST PAY ATTENTION TO "G" whoever he is.

Anonymous said...

don't doooooo iiiiit!