Sunday, January 25, 2015

Casper, Months 13 and 14

Dear Squirm-bot 5000,

As you get older, I get lazier (or is it more tired? Hard to say.). Welcome to this decade's answer to laziness -- the listicle!

Things Casper Can Do

Walk. Like a penguin. Like a baby fawn. Like a drunken sailor. Like the most efficient and ridiculous version of all three of these things put together

Refuse food. Smirking, nose in the air, mouth clamped closed in a thin line, uttering a dismissive and bemused “uh,” as you turn your head away from things that just yesterday you devoured.

Find specific books and bring them to an adult to be read.  A cute trick that sadly enables never-ending afternoons spent reading books that I’m fast getting sick of.

Find a way to shove shapes into the right holes in your shape sorter toys even though you for sure do not know your shapes. You know that things can go into the holes and that if you twist them around and try all of the holes probably what you are holding will fit in somewhere. Trial and error plus determination are powerful tools.

Things Casper Loves

Baths. So much so that I have to not bring them up until the water is ready in order to avoid tears of impatience. So much so that I have to physically restrain you from clambering over the side of the tub to dive face first into the water/dry bath tub.

Books. I should be one of those parents who brags about her child’s love for reading but mostly I’m one of those parents who occasionally helps certain books go missing because she simply cannot read about lame-o Winter Friends for a 45th time in one day.

Empty carbs. Just like everyone else.

Knocking down towers of blocks and screaming a loud and proud “Eeeeeeeee!!!!!” It’s rare that I can get even 3 block on top of one another in this house before destructor swoops in.

Rolling off of the changing pad in the middle of a diaper change and toddling your naked butt all over my house. Giggling the whole time and looking over your shoulder to make sure you’re being chasing.

Bananas, yogurt drops and graham crackers. All of which have to be hidden in the cupboard with our glasses -- you’re on to the pantry and the wonder is holds.

My ear. Months ago when you started having a hard time going to sleep we tried to introduce a small stuffed bunny named Claude as your love-y. At night we all say good night to Claude and then he cuddles up with us before bed. And then all night long you ignore him. There is little love for Claude. But as soon as I pick you up, when I rock you, when you're tired, when you're crying... you little hand paws at my face, pushing my head to the side, creeping crawling up to my ear. You knead the lobe and trace the outline with your fingers before grabbing on and settling in for a snuggle.

Things Casper Hates

When Mama leaves. Even my morning bathroom break requires reassurance that I’m coming right back.

Having a fever and being forced to go sledding. (In my defense I didn’t *know* you had a fever until later and then I felt so bad that I let you sleep in the big bed with mom and dad all night).

Napping in his crib. Currently banned from life. Big bed 4EVER!!!!!