Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Distraction in the form of greenery

This was going to be a post about self confidence... until I got distracted by my first CSA delivery.

Veggie delivery #1 is a pint of strawberries, a huge bunch of red leaf lettuce, a bunch of purple topped chives, a few leeks and some rhubarb. The good news is that I can definitely polish off this shipment in a week without much help... the bad new is that come Friday I'll be melancholy and vegetable-less.... until next Tuesday

Miss Alia and her beautiful boys came over for dinner and we made a big salad with the lettuce and chives (and other non-CSA goodies) and a very yummy rhubarb compote which I served over ice cream. I used this recipe for the compote but I halved the sugar and used cranberry juice because I had it on hand.

My first flower delivery also arrived and I'll be very sad on the weeks with no flowers -- these peony's are pretty enough to make it possible to overlook how messy my house is (having a job and boyfriend and friends and well... a life... make it hard to get the cleaning done).