Friday, April 14, 2006

Chillin' at the 21

Back in March G and I hit up Forever 21 for an afternoon of picking out the trashiest outfits we could find and horrifying the young ladies in the dressing room area with my risqué fashion show. This game reminded me of my youth when as bored high school kids in a town of 4000 people my friends and I would head over to Kmart at 9pm and challenge each other to create the most hideous outfit possible – we had 20mins to ransack the store and meet back at the women’s dressing room to strut down the aisle in the gunnysacks. Why I am not a famous clothing designer/model is one of the great mysteries of the world – perhaps my petite forehead has been holding me back.

But I digress…

The 21 mecca in Union Square is awesome. It’s two full stories of very tiny pieces of polyester held together with metallic thread and the sticky residue of left over Boone’s Farm Strawberry Hill. An entire two story wall is covered in commonly mis-spelled/pronounced words. This is perhaps the greatest artistic social commentary piece of our time.

Carpool tunnel syndrome, a fate worse than death! Thank God that I saved myself by ditching my car and moving to New York. Praise Jesus!

The first time I was in this store I spent a long while talking to this wonderful earth mother outside of the dressing room -- she had on some very sensible sandals and long flowing naturally gray hair – I almost wept for her when her cute 16 year old daughter emerged from behind the curtain in a see-through yellow sports bra like contraption with the word “CHERRY” printed across her breasts.

Yesterday before boarding subway to go home to trashy TV G and I made a stop off at Forever 21 and the following conversation ensued:

B: hmm this is cute.
G: skirt?
B: tube top.
B: ha this is ridiculous
G: top?
B: seriously?!? It’s a skit
G: but it’s 2 inches long! And see through!
B: I’m surprised you don’t love it.

This was followed by a jaunt through the store playing the new game “Top vs. Skirt? It’s a sensation that’s sweeping the nation – catch the wave.


themikestand said...

What kind of "documentarist" boyfriend do you have? I see no pictures, especially of see-through tube tops.

Talk about disappointing.

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