Monday, November 27, 2006


Reading "My Life as a Dog" in the Times has me yearning for a canine companion. I've always said that I would not force a dog to live a city life (even if the article makes it sound vaguely do-able). Having grown up in the country with floppy eared doddering Labradors who loved nothing more than a three mile leash-free walk I don't have the heart to pen a dog up in an apartment for 8+ hours a day. In my fantasy move back to California life I have a dog – probably a lab but maybe a beagle -- and we go on long walks on the beach.

My family's current lab is a tiny black girl named Annie (well technically she's named Anise because after Sage(brush) and Aspen we got into a habit of naming dogs after plants but we call her Annie -- or Ann-dog when we're feeling silly). That’s me and her on the left both of us being out-cuted by the waterfall. I think my love for this dog (and probably human love for dogs in general) is partially wrapped up in how big her love is for the world. When I visit my parents Annie greets me in the driveway and her whole body shakes with joy. Simply saying the word walk gets her so riled up that she has to be immediately let outside to dancing in circles. If I could embrace life as unquestioningly as Annie does perhaps I too would be over come with happiness. Perhaps I wouldn't be lonely for a canine friend because I would have leapt upon and slobbered on every possible friend to come within 50 feet of me (everyone likes a little slobber, right?).

A friend of mine once came home with me during college break and after spending a week with my family said to me, “Do you realize that your family not only talks to your dog but *FOR* your dog?” It’s true – we included Aspen and now Annie in most family discussions.

Mom: How was everyone’s day?

Brianna: Blah. programmers. blah. Annie how was your day?

Kurt: Annie says that she went on TWO walks today and saw an owl out in the field so the day was pretty damn splendid.

Two walks an owl AND a field? I’m not sure blathering on about software development and a few glasses of wine can hope to compete.

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