Sunday, November 19, 2006

Random Wants

A few things that I have been searching for in vain -- if you have a source please pass it on.

Nonpoisonous Bug Spray

Back in California bugs had the good sense not to grow too big. It’s not smart for bugs to be overly ambitious since it just leads to people wanting to kill them more. Here in New York we have water beetles and they are evil. In an effort to be environmentally aware I bought some nature friendly bug spray made from mint extract (see left) but when I spray it at a water beetle he laughs and laughs and totally does not die. (other methods that do not result in dead water beetles: jumping on the couch and whimpering, spraying them with hairspray). Since I cannot be expected to live with the vile creatures I would like to find a bug spray that will kill them but will not make me think “wow, I totally have lung cancer.”

Convertible Gloves/Mittens

A couple of years ago at the Union Square Holiday market Amy and I bought matching pairs of mittens like the ones they are now selling at JCrew. I LOVED mine. My fingers stayed toasty all winter and I didn’t have to fumble with my keys. Unfortunately mittens have about a two year shelf life and mine are now falling apart. I would jump on this offering from JCrew except I’m not sure I’m willing to spend $28 for mittens I paid $10 for 2 years ago. Being cheap is constantly forcing me to suffer.

Bubble Bath that Bubbles

I love baths (often in the winter they’re the only way I can get warm) but I feel like a bath is rather boring without bubbles. Unfortunately all adult bubble bath (aka bubble bath that does not smell like bubblegum) seems to have very little bubble staying power. I want bubbles that stick around for a while after the facet has been turned off.

Revisable Belt

I bought a reversible belt (black to brown) at Mervyns (West coast only department store – think JC Penny) last Christmas and I loved it, however it is now falling apart and I can’t find a decent replacement. The one pictured at right is available at SAKS for $125 – obviously I’m never going to be able to justify that price so I’m belt-less.

Acceptable Air Freshener

My apartment has the vague smell of mold, especially in the entry way. I’m constantly paranoid that people come to visit and think I have lax cleaning requirements and while I totally *DO* slack off on cleaning the smell of mold is not something I can fix even under a strict cleansing regime. I have bought air freshener but most of the time it just turns the smell from mold to chemicals which I hardly feel is an improvement. I have heard that Method has a decent air freshener (pictured and amusingly categorized on their website under "aircare" as if that's a thing) and I generally like the smell of their products but I’ve yet to make it out to a Target to buy one.


Gillian said...

I have a trip to Target scheduled for this week - do you want me to investigate the air freshener sitch?

themikestand said...

"and if you won't take care of your air, who WILL?"

Actually, I think that may be Canada's new Kyoto slogan.

Otherwise, I have no words of wisdom or tips for you. Sorry!

Anonymous said...

My bubble bath (follow the link) doesn't smell like bubble gum (it smells like soap; it's fragrance free) and its bubbles will last for hours. Yes, literally, hours. Plus, it doesn't cause urinary or genital irritation even in those most susceptible, and its foam doesn't sting eyes.

Anonymous said...

Phooey, the link didn't work! It's