Wednesday, November 29, 2006

This is important even if it has all been said before

in reference to this insanity.

Amy: my god. this is the third day, nearly in a row of Britney Spears getting out of a car and showing off her naughty bits to the world
Bri: i know!
Amy: I mean, it's getting so commonplace, I'm not even INTERESTED anymore!
Bri: their outfits (esp Brit's) are so so wrong
Amy: they are so strange!
Bri: i know, i mean -- don't tell anyone this -- but I would probably wear one of your fish nets if I had a few drinks.
Amy: and that's fine. but we're not famous
Bri: and my boobs would totally be CLOTHED
Amy: and YES
Bri: and i don't have BABIES (i totally intend to be fishnet free post babies) (maybe...)
Amy: well, i don't want to make any crazy promises like that, but I mean really, wear a shirt Brit.
Bri: I think she thinks she *IS* wearing a shirt
Amy: she also thought marrying kfed was a good idea. Brit is not known for her thinking skills.
Bri: but she's divorcing him! I had hope!
Amy: yeah, that hope lasted the two point five seconds it took her to hook up with the city of lights over there.

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