Monday, November 13, 2006

Ready for Adulthood

I just took New York Magazine's Choose Your Own Adventure Cost of Living Calculator and I must say that I am on the path towards being a cheap middle aged woman.

The quiz doesn't offer an option for living somewhere on the central California coast so I improvised and set myself up somewhere in the suburbs with 2 preschool aged children and a small starter home. Thinking about what I want in 10 years I discovered that it comes down to family and netflix much more than fashion and big nights out. I'm still rather shocked at my results.

That's post tax dollars so I do have a long ways to go towards this goal but I figure if I can con some boy into sharing in my plan it's totally do-able. As someone who often feels that the goal of homeownership is well out of her grasp I thank New York magazine for this good news (even if I still suspect that they are lying to me).

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