Saturday, November 17, 2007

Welcome to Facebook

I finally joined Facebook. I had refused to join an additional social networking site mostly out of fear that it will provide yet another path for my high school peers to hunt me down and pretend that even though we hardly ever spoke while actually in high school we are now BFFs. Luckily there appears to be only 5 members of my high school class on Facebook as opposed to MySpace which is crawling with those people. Perhaps this is the main reason people migrate to new social networking sites – to avoid the people they don’t really like on the old social networking sites.

Besides the dearth of former BUHSers the best thing about Facebook is that it is yet another place where I can get my ass kicked in Scrabble Scrabbulous. Now that this blog is super famous this is the only thing keeping my ego in check.

I registered on Monday (mostly because I saw blog hits coming from Facebook and because I am a slave to my stats I obviously had to investigate). It took roughly 5 hours for all of my (notably younger) cousins to track me down and tag me as their friend – I took this as a sign that I am not yet an embarrassment to the younger generation. Don’t worry kids, I’m sure I’ll do something fuddy-duddy very soon. Sadly you’ll still have to pretend you like me because otherwise your parents will ground you.

I know that Facebook is cutting edge because as I type this MS Word recognizes the word MySpace but still thinks Facebook is misspelled. Facebook gains a lot of cool points with hipsters this way (one assumes Apple is hip to the Facebook craze). Here’s hoping some of the cool rubs off on me. If nothing else at least society has finally invented a technology that frees us all from the scourge of untalented 15 year olds with bad taste being allowed to design their own web page. Here's to a future with no falling glitter.


Lisa said...

the falling glitter. yeah. I never even joined myspace- so clearly myspace is quite unhip. I've never even had the urge to join.

facebook was kind of better before all these crazy apps people have been putting on their profile. i wish the apps would all default to closed unless you intentionally changed some setting so that they would all be expanded. because they take up a lot of room, I tell you!

Leslie Lim said...

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