Monday, November 12, 2007

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How many posts does it take for Brianna to run out of blog ideas? 12. I downloaded some new ipod filler this weekend and writing about it is my only blog back up plan so in this post I’m am going to once again attempt to write about music – this should be amusing because despite being super passionate about music all of my attempts to write about it come out as “Isn’t this song pretty? Here, let me quote the lyrics for you…. Awesome, right?!?!”

This post should also serve as evidence that I am no longer cool (I refuse to admit that I was never cool) since all of the songs that I bookmarked in Pandora over the last month are either 35 years old or by artists that I discovered in college. Right now a couple of the hip young kids from work are reading this and losing all respect for me. Luckily this posting everyday thing will soon drive me to baking which should win back the love of all coworkers.

So on that note let’s review my current playlist.

Chips Ahoy – The Hold Steady

I’ve been stalking The Hold Steady since I found out they were playing a concert with The Old 97s and deemed them cool by association (If Rhett Miller bought a case of Diet Coke Plus I’d be drinking it all day too). I actually purchased the entire Hold Steady album, “Boys and Girls in America” which is superb as a whole but this is by far my favorite song. Listening to the Hold Steady reminds me a bit of listening to The Promise Ring’s Very Emergency or something by Cake. This song in particular is happy and bouncy and the perfect pace for my walk to work and on top of that the line, “How am I supposed to know that you’re high if you won’t let me touch you?” is super hot.

Happy Kid – Nada Surf

This song is only 4 years old so I feel pretty good about only discovering it now. 2003 was a good year – Britney has yet to completely ruin her life, we had hope of avoiding a second George W term, Christmas promised another installment of The Lord of the Rings instead of the end of Paul Giamatti ’s career. Who wouldn’t want to go back in time?

Afraid of Nineveh – Gosling

This song is my only hope for saving my cool since the album came out last year and I can’t even find the lyrics online – and we all know that unknown band = indie cred.

For an atheist I have quite a love for gospel music (ala Gillian Welch) and Bible based songs in general. This song is about Jonah and the whale which the band turns into a great allegory for growing up.

Truly Great Thing – Sebadoh

You remember Sebadoh -- they were popular in 1993? They got included in Mary Lou Lord’s His Indie World song? They are now super old and their fan base probably consists mostly of stay at home dads?

But this song is so pretty! And it’s about having a great love finally appear in your life after years of waiting! And it's pretty!

Falling Down Blue – Blue Rodeo

Blue Rodeo sounds very Lyle Lovett in this heartbreaking song about… heartbreak. The lead singer, Jim Cuddy has a gift for filling his voice with pain and it works so well with the subtle twang on this song. Pretty pretty pretty.

Steady as She Goes – The Raconteurs

Here’s another album that I should have bought years ago especially since it’s fronted by Jack White who I have been in love with for 6 years even though he has yet to graduate from his high school goth phase. the Ranconteurs have a more rock and roll sound that The White Stripes and while a part of me misses the simple pleasure of Meg's rhythmic drumming the full sound of this song certainly makes for a more satisfying shower serenade.

Sister Golden Hair – America

This song was last famous in 1975 so I’ve pretty much regressed to my mother’s young adulthood. I also recently thumbs-uped a Beatles song on Pandora (Paperback Writer), soon I may start smoking pot, wearing bell bottoms and reading Love Story. This song is also the 1975 version of “Yo babe, I love you but I can’t be tied down” what with the "I aint ready for the altar but I do agree there's times when a woman sure can be a friend of mine." but somehow they make it so sweet...

For a Song – Story Hill

This is the folk musician version of the “I Love the Rodeo More than You” country genre so obviously I loved it from first listen. Also I love everything that comes out of Chris and Johnny’s lips and if Jack White doesn’t want to leave his wife I would totally accept a marriage proposal from either of these guys.

Despite these recent downloads I am still in dire need of new music so if you happen to be the owner of a record review blog that you never write in anymore (Matt, this means you) perhaps you should send me some new music suggestions.

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