Thursday, November 15, 2007

Even Better than the Real Thing

In August a friend of mine (who shall remain nameless) was carrying around an adorable LeSportsac bag with funky little Japanese cartoon characters on it. The bag was so cute that I found myself thinking “I should buy an adorable bag! I should splurge! I would totally be willing to pay as much as $50 for that cute nylon bag!” Obviously I am way out of the designer bag loop. In a rational world $50 would be an obscene amount of money for a nylon bag that likely costs under $3 to manufacture but in the weirdo parallel universe that most people like to call reality this bag costs upwards of $150. On sale. Obviously there was no way I was going off the rails on that crazy train. Not when I live within a 30min subway ride of Chinatown.

$10 suckers! (With a free mini purse! Officially priced at $15 but I’ve got mad negotiating skills)

I do not understand the desire for designer bags. Correction: I do not understand the desire for *real* designer bags. The way I see it everyone should be buying knock offs. Think about it – people of normal means (aka those of us making under 300K) shouldn’t be spending hundreds of dollars on a purse, not when there are video game consoles and $100 jeans to buy! And if you’re rich enough to afford a designer bag and you buy a knockoff everyone will just assume the bag is real so spending the extra dough for the authentic product is pointless.

I know what the crazy freaks over at Bag Bliss are going to say, “ummm the lining and like the zippers are WAY better on the real bags and you can totally tell that the knock offs are fake.” My god I HOPE people notice that I’m carrying a fake bag. I’d hate to for stranger to think I'm stupid enough to pay over $10 on 1 yard of nylon and a $.05 aluminum zipper.

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Anonymous said...

I don't get the over priced handbag thing either and then to use a different one everyday. Thats way to much work for me to move my stuff from bag to bag. But knock offs aren't really my thing either I just stay away from anything that has a designer label either real or imagined.