Saturday, November 03, 2007

A PSA for My Adult Readers

First I’d like to say, Congragulations on making it to adulthood! As you’ve probably already noticed it’s pretty sweet here, we get to stay out past our bedtime and drink booze and it has been at least 6 months since someone called me a doodyhead. But like all of our freedoms this paradise ain’t free (you don’t get your habeus corpus without a little waterboarding).

The following rules are not suggestions or nice to haves – the’re actually requirements for being the kind of person who isn’t classified as a huge douche, so pay attention.

  1. Adults return people’s phone calls and emails
  2. Adults say “Thanks you” when they receive a gift (preferably in writing)
  3. Adults arrive on time for appointments regardless of how casual the commitment
  4. Adults remember and acknowledge the birthdays of family and close friends

If you’re “bad at” some of the things on this list that’s ok – everyone has challenges in life but, as I said, these are not optional skills, this is your job. When you’re bad at your job you either get better or get fired. So you need to be working on getting it together and in the mean time you need to be apologizing profusely when you fail at any of these.

Tomorrow we’ll return to your regularly scheduled mildly humorous blog posting.


alia said...

saw this book and thought of you (the bit with the equation, anyway. :)

Lisa said...

rats! I'm alright with 1-3... I guess I'm still a child after all