Thursday, December 14, 2006

User Focused Design

My recent promotion had me slightly unsatisfied with the 400 or so business cards sitting on my desk bearing my old (lesser) job title. I was feeling worried that people would judge me based on this false information until I gave some serious thought to what I use my business cards for – then I realized that none of the information on the card (save my phone number) is at all useful. I’ve decided to ask for two new cards that more accurately address their intended uses.

For Entering drawings for free sandwiches

Brianna – 555-3663
Likes PB&J with strawberry J
allergic to melons

For very awkwardly delivering my digits to boys

Brianna – 555-2883
Much cooler than I seem
Don’t bother if you have low tolerance for awful television

1 comment:

mike said...

Ingenious, darling. I love it.