Sunday, December 31, 2006

Amateur Photography /Thanks Santa!

Santa brought me this

I've been a bit picture happy over the last week and since I haven't been feeling very writing happy I thought I'd share a few pictures from my trip out to the Eureka Sand Dunes with cousin Adam and his girlfriend Nicky. These big mountains of sand sit in Eastern California surrounded by a number of mountain ranges and look ridiculously out of place. Coming up highway 168 from Bishop we passed through snow dusted hills and joshua tree forests and then suddenly the sand dunes appeared -- they practically glowed against the mountains.

We spent a few hours trudging up sand (ridiculously difficult!) and then jumping/sliding down (scary at first and then AWESOME) -- next time we'll bring sleds.

Looking toward the the White Mountains from the Eureka Sand Dunes

Bird tracks and waves in the sand! I think the mountain in the background is part of the Chance Mountains which means that Scotty's Castle and Death Vally is just over yonder.

Another view back at the whites -- home is on the other side of those mountains.

Adam, mid flight.


themikestand said...

"just like the ones I used to knowwwww" ;)

A little warmth would be nice, though. Looking forward to more pictures from the new camera!

court said...

very cute...the camera and adam! ;)

Happy Birthday for friday xoxo