Monday, December 04, 2006

False Pressure

I don't feel much like writing today -- I've started my Christmas craft project which is currently satisfying/overwhelming the part of my brain that feeds off of projects thus relegating blogging to the back burner. "Oh Brianna, blogging is sooooo November," my little brain cells moan. Well, all of the little brain cells except for the judge-y ones. They're saying, "Oh sure, 4 days into December and you're already quitting your new hobby. Quitter. Big fat lazy quitter."

I am on purpose not extending "post every day" into the month that involves Christmas mainly because I'm fairly certain a few days out of this month may leave me internet-less. I do not yet know how I will survive this fate, however I have chosen not to make it worse by breaking a promise. I don't really cut myself any slack when it comes to promises (or wearing brown shoes with black pants, or getting places on time, or ... most things). So I didn't promise to post in December, secretly I thought I'd post at least 3 times a week but now... it feels like such a failure to break my 33 day straight blog posting run.

It is perhaps more of a failure to force you lovely people into reading this drivel every day for the rest of the month. At I'm safe from the judge-y cells -- I never promised to be entertaining.


amy said...

below comment based on the fact that I'm pretty sure anthony doesn't read your blog. If he does: Anthony... Stop reading.

oh, i want to get a tshirt for anton by Saturday. If I give you a stencil on Thursday (wine club), can you paint it drunk that night so we can give it to him Saturday, or would that be too much pressure?

Brianna said...

only if he can wear a men's medium and i get to put my name on it as well

amy said...