Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Equine Math

As someone who grew up in the "Mule Capital of the World" I found this story about a mule who gave birth fascinating.

Fertile Mules? God does not allow such blasphemy!

But he does! He did! SIXTY times since 1927! Forgive my exuberance but I think this may be a sign that he’s now totally ok with gay marriage.

Yes, I know this is interesting to me alone…. what can I say? I love anything verging on freakish and hybrids seem almost sci fi.

Wikipedia offers the following shocking equine math:

Female Horse + Male Donkey = Mule (common)

Male Horse + Female Donkey = Hinny (less common)

Female Mule + Male Horse = Horse (usually – and also: CRAZY)!

Apparently there is no record of fertile male mules (suckers!).

At Mules Days in the past I have also seen:

Male Horse + Female Zebra = Zorse

Female Horse + Male Zebra = Zebroid (there is some controversy between the math on the hybrid page and the math on the zebroid page, it's possible a zebroid is just Boy Zebra + anything)

Wikipedia hybrid page here -- let's hear it for the freaks!


amy said...

I love Zorses and Zebroids! I have pictures of them from *my* last mule days!

Anonymous said...

Shweet, I want to breed a super-race of Zebroids that can kick the butt of any normal horse and win any race and take-over any world... I love genetic modefication!!!

From Fizzyskull