Thursday, December 07, 2006

If You See This Boy Be Gentle

From the Times article on the Grammys:

“…adult-friendly pop singer John Mayer..”

Ouch. I can only assume this is Johnny’s saddest day ever. Unless he’s Mr. Bright Side and read that as “pop singer and kinky sex aficionado John Mayer” instead of “stale, easy listening, mom-friendly pop singer John Mayer.”

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Kelly said...

I saw him play with Sheryl Crow and was not impressed. He was trying to reinvent himself as some amazing guitar player and doing stuff like Joe Satriani or Jimmy Hendrix but he really wasn’t that good. It was a bit sad; I was kind of worried he was on drugs. Which would not make him very adult friendly. But on the up side Sheryl was amazing.