Friday, December 01, 2006

The Devil Comes to Kwanzaa

As promised I bring you proof of the horrors that transpired last night...

This was not a recommended "Tip" or "Idea" from Pillsbury's icing department. I promise you that even though the recipe asks you to stir your icing and brown stuff in a bowl Sandra NEVER uses a bowl to stir in icing fixins' (something she is a huge huge proponent of).

Bonus Sandra Knowledge: Did you know that if you add a teaspoon of vanilla extract to cool whip it tastes EXACTLY like real whipped cream?

Let the hellish sprinkling begin! With the help of my third cocktail I began layering on the first circle of cake hell starting with pumpkin seeds.

While shopping for the ingredients (if I can be so bold as to use such an official term to refer to things like cornnuts) we often felt tempted to buy other things to add to the cake -- once you've committed to sprinkling popcorn on a cake you become kind of eager to try anything -- we almost bought sprinkles thinking that so much sprinkling should not be possible without actual sprinkles. For the sake of preserving the brown we resisted.

I apologize if this close up image is too much for some readers to handle -- I debated sparing your eyes and stomachs but if i had to eat apple pie filling and pop corn in the same bite you guys at least have to suffer through the visual.

Here it is, the moment of doom -- giggles and gags coming out all at once.

Bring in the replacement dessert. Nothing washes down Kwanzaa like "black and tan" ice cream.

Happy Holidays -- may your god bless you during this joyous season and keep Sandra Lee far far away from your celebratory foods.


AzDana said...

Thanks for the laughs! The next time I have unexpected company that doesn't leave in a timely manner, I'm using your recipe to make them an unforgettable treat.

Anonymous said...

This whole horrible kwanzaa cake experience has been fun. Thanks for making me laugh/cringe/gag.