Monday, March 03, 2008

Geeky for Graphs

Last night while lying in bed I started thinking about the topics that I talk about with each of my different friends and, of course, decided that this information must be captured in graph form. It's only natural. The below example pertains to Lisa and I (and makes us seem like the girliest girls to ever squeal with glee at a 50% off Sephora sale) but I assure you that I have already begun creating versions for almost everyone I know. Next step? Merging all graphs and using the data to identify friend subgroups and interesting overlaps. Jealous?


Lisa said...

Assigning nicknames is a large part of every good boy conversation! THIS IS SOOOO PERFECT.

xkcd... we do talk about that one a lot! Hhahaha this cracks me up.

"we're pretty" "we're funny" haha... okay also... we tend to have that conversation pretty frequently.

All in all an A+ post!

brooke said...

Haha... that's awesome. I love it.

MikeTheMan said...

This looks suspiciously like a Mind Map -
Totally useful concept for working on lots of different aspects quickly, and figuring out how to tie them together.
I used MindManager in the past for mapping.

Anonymous said...

This is awesome. I want one for myself, but I'm scared of what it will reveal.

Surely that was a problem for you too?

Taras said...

Now, if you extrapolate this out to six degrees, you'll capture every conversation ever!

Anonymous said...

how did peter find you? however it happened, i am SO glad he did and created the 'stache so i could too. you are a freakin riot :-P

i love this

Stephanie said...

I love this. Love, love, love this. You and Lisa are pretty much adorable.