Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Techie Food

As a foodie science geek I am endlessly fascinated by “molecular gastronomy” (a term apparently shunned by the cool kids but no one seems to be offering an alternative). Before tasting things like “Pickled Beef Tongue with Fried Mayonnaise” and “Coconut Milk Infused with Cardamom and Pureed Carrot with Maple Syrup Served "Sunny Side Up"” (both at left) I worried that the food might be all neato and no yummy but I was suitably impressed with the taste of most offerings when I dined at WD50 last year. I urge everyone to repress any initial eww reflex and give the food a chance should you ever have the opportunity.

This article on provides a good run down of the methods to food madness while retaining humor and avoiding snobbery. I was sad (though not surprised) that my dream of someday getting a table at El Bulli is destined to be dashed. A trip to Chicago is cheaper anyway – anyone for a tasting tour at Alinea and Moto this summer?

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