Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Recycling German Style

This book proposing new uses for everyday objects is fascinating (the cd case green house and the whisk as cotton ball dispenser are both brilliant).

But I have to question this:

How did we get here?

1. My cute tummy is out in the open with no adornment at all! I think she feels sad and ugly.

2. My cute underwear are hidden under my lederhosen (clearly Germany has avoided the extreme low rise fad) where no one can enjoy them.

Since I don’t see how elastic-less underwear stays up one assumes she has sacrificed covering her girl parts for the sake of “fashion”. This is the Britney Spears of Germany.


I’m assuming they are advocating the tea as a replacement for toilet cleaner not the toilet as a replacement for a kettle…


themikestand said...

Dude. It's totally iced tea. They just don't show you stirring half a bag of crushed ice into the bowl.

Hilarious entry. Bravo!

an9ie said...

I don't get the tea. Because tea stains, y'all.
Toilet bowl + brown stains = ew, no?

Brianna said...

VERY good point an9ie. ew.