Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dear Pandora Part 2 (Now You're Just Being Stupid)

I'm sitting at my desk, grooving on some Hold Steady (and by grooving I mean occasionally bobbing my head and perhaps biting my lip and nodding a bit when they play Chips Ahoy but not ever actually doing anything that might be categorized as dancing) when what should I see but this:

(outraged pink commentary by yours truly)

Look Pandora -- I thought we settled this shit. I agreed not to shame you by having a torrid affair with your mortal enemy and you agreed to stop acting like all of my favorite bands are Blowfish clones. Personally I've enjoyed this extended period of peace (thanks for recommending The Kamikaze Hearts!) but don't think I won't turn on the bitch face and cut you if I hear so much as one note of some stupid song about a dude crying over a football game (save that baby act for when I kick your ass at Mario Kart).


Anonymous said...


I heard you might be a nude model sometime soon! When are you going to write a post about that? said...

Really? Hootie and the Blowfish? OK, dear. If that's what you like, I have my own unashamed little skeletons in the closet.

themikestand said...

Huh. I never knew that's what that Hootie song was about.

And aren't you glad you'll soon be #1 ranked "hootie" blog? Might as well put a "Hold My Hand" midi file on auto-play!