Saturday, October 14, 2006


So I know I’m a bit late to jump on this train. But I just started using yesterday and I am in love. I think this may completely change my web browsing experience. For those of you who have no experience here’s how it works:

  1. download pulgin for your web browser at . This will put two little buttons in your tool bar the “Delicious Home” button and the “Tag It” button.
  2. A friend sends you a link to something that is probably cool that you do not have time to read now but which you also don’t know well enough to bookmark (committing to bookmark status is a big step!). You hit the “tag it” button and type keywords into the resulting popup (some of my more popular tags: craft, game, recipe).
  3. Later when you have time to read that link you hit on your delicious home button and find the appropriate keyword and voila!

This is probably the most common usage but it doesn’t really convey how incredible the tool is.

I often (though not as often as I need to) come up with Christmas ideas for dad sometime in April but by the time December rolls around I’m at a loss. Bring of the “dadgift” tag.

People (and by people I mean Joe) send me fun web games that I can’t play at work (“game” “web”).

Recipe ideas flitter across my screen never to return when I’m hungry (“recipe” “”)

The travel bug grips me when work starts to seem unbearable but just as I’ve found the perfect villa in puerto rico my meeting reminder goes off (“escape” “puertorico”)

If you join you can be in my network. You know you want to.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

i joined. i'm a joiner. ;>