Thursday, October 19, 2006

This is what asking for a favor gets you

A friend of mine needs this picture for some reason but he works for a governmental organization and thus has very limited access to the internets. So he asked me to upload it for him... let's speculate on what he might be thinking in this picture.

1. "Dude I have awesome biceps, look at those babies flex... mmmmm."
2. "Must... resist.... punching self.... in face..."
3. "The ladies at the preschool are going to think i'm so hot -- nothing gets young girls juices flowing like the groom look."
4. "A wedding ring?!!??! fuck! how did this happen?!?!"

1 comment:

themikestand said...

While I did look sort of like the groom (same colour tux) -- I was nothing but the best man. Also, I was not wearing my wedding ring while dressing for my own wedding.

And thanks again for uploading for me :)