Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I am sorry for being a snob.

I have often said, "I hate Racheal Ray." She doesn't cook healthy food. She doesn't cook interesting food. Sometimes using the verb "to cook" in regards to what she does seems like a stretch. I have an aversion to pre chopped and packaged vegetables (how lazy! how wasteful! poor quality!). I find her giggling annoying. I think the idea that you can do what she does in 30mins is a sham. I think the main reason we have not discovered a cure for cancer is directly related to the phrase "EVOO -- Extra Virgin Olive Oil" (If you're going to tell us what the acronym means EVERY TIME YOU SAY IT you are not saving any time.).

This NYTimes article puts me in my place.

Racheal gets Americans to cook the same way Oprah gets Americans to read. The world is a better place even if no one is making 4 star meals or reading Joyce.

And if she gets men to notice that regular female bodies are sexy as hell then she's a goddess.


themikestand said...

Reason #422 that I need to keep the digital cable.

"It's good for America"

Now, who the hell is Rachael Ray?

Anonymous said...

I would love Rachael Ray so much more if she was banned from speaking... I would totally watch a hot mime cook unhealthy food...