Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Brianna and Amy Go on Vacation

Possible reasons why the check out clerk at the grocery store in Light House Point Florida (where it is 80 degrees in February -- everyone living north of the Mason Dixon is a sucker) exclaimed, "You've gotta be kidding me!" upon examining my ID.

  • Amy was changing footwear (from flip flops to sneakers) in line.
  • I was wearing a t shirt with the words "Guess what?" followed by an arrow pointing to the picture of a chicken's rear end (thanks for the birthday gift Kajal!)
  • Just before paying I commented to Amy, "Imitation crab is the one constant in our friendship."

Shockingly she didn't call the cops (or the "Living Martyrs" whose van we passed on the road -- apparently God no longer requires you to die in order to achieve martyr status provided you're willing to be a huge dick while alive).


Taras said...

I suggest you add Wazmo Nariz's Checking Out the Check-out Girl to your iPod to forever commemorate your vacation with Amy!

Sky said...

um, so why did she say "you've got to be kidding me?"
And is it Gob or God you are referring to, because I am pretty sure Gob grants martyr status pretty freely.

Sky said...

oh, and from the Living Martyr's website:
"Moreover, since Christ commanded us to 'love thy enemy' we strive to convert perceived evil people rather than harm them."
Really, I would so much rather they just hated me, really it is okay.