Friday, December 28, 2007

Scenes of Cuteness

Scene 1

Brianna is standing up talking to her aunt, a streak of blonde pigtails rushes by her legs, the gust of wind that follows almost knocks Brianna over)

Delanie (voice getting fainter as she runs away): ReadySetGooooooooooooooo Brianna we’re racing!

Brianna: But you already started without me!

Delanie: (running smack into the wall that apparently represents the finish line) I win! (turning around and running toward Brianna) ReadySetGoooooooooooooooo!

Scene 2

Christmas evening, Delanie is wearing new jeans which are at least one size too big

Brianna: Delanie I can see your plumber’s crack.

Delanie: (giving her best irritated look and pointing a finger at Brianna): Brianna. Do NOT look at my butt.

Scene 3

Brianna, Miss D and her parents are seated at a Mexican restaurant, their food has just arrived and first bites are being taken

Delanie: Oh! It’s hot! Brianna, kiss my tongue!

Brianna: Delanie that’s kind of gross.

Delanie (tongue sticking out)i: TISS NY TONGUE!!!!!

Brianna: Ok, I’m a sucker. (Kisses the offered tongue)


Peter DeWolf said...

Stop looking at the child's butt!


Michelle said...

awe she is adorable.

Lisa said...

I've kissed many stubbed toes... but a hurt tongue? You're a great aunt (to-be?)

DHP said...

Gross! This is pretty funny!

Anonymous said...

i've kissed tongues, knees... BTW, if she does ever demand to be kissed somewhere you Just Can't Go... i've found kissing my finger and waving it in the general area is satisfactory to sam. see, i am so helpful! ;)