Thursday, March 08, 2007

New Orleans Highlights

I took a quick trip to New Orleans last week to visit a friend and play with my new camera (it's a very new camera since the Cassio Exilim broke TWICE and I have now traded it in for a Cannon Elph which is less cute but probably a better camera overall).

I stayed in uptown and located just down the street was a little slice of heaven called The Creole Creamery. This ice cream shop has row upon row of innovative flavors (buttermilk sorbet, spicy creole chocolate, marscapone and lemon zest -- see a complete list here) I settled on a scoop of Orange Honey and Caramel and my friend Sky (who is much more restrained when it comes to ice cream) got one scoop of Lavender Honey. It took us ages to settle on flavors and we wished for the option of a flight of ice cream flavors -- this wasn't an option according to the menu on the wall but after we ordered we found exactly what we were wishing for in the table menu -- next time.

Sky and I talked a lot about if it was better to tour the devastated areas or to visit New Orleans and not acknowledge reality of Katrina. We eventually decided to go visit a few of the neighborhoods that had suffered the most under the hurricane, but I refrained from taking any pictures. It was hard to understand the devastation having never seen the city before Katrina -- I felt like I was looking at houses that had been abandoned 20 years ago and had slowly fallen into decay, my mind could never completely wrap around the idea that all of this wreckage was the result of one event that took place less than 2 years ago. So no pictures of hurricane disaster -- but while walking around uptown (which weathered the storm fairly well) I did come across this wonderful (clearly haunted) house.

I'm rather proud of this shot:

We also visited the Lafayette Cemetery which was a boon for great picture taking opportunities.

In addition to row upon row of above full graves we saw this empty tomb -- our guide was kind enough to bring a photo copy of the story about the tomb that ran in the venerable Weekly World News magazine.

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Anonymous said...

I thought Sky was in Sacramento? Wow am I out of touch. How long has she been or will be in New Orleans? I would like to go see the city but am afraid I will be sad becuase I have been there befor. Stayed there for a week back in 1996


dionna said...

I am ashamed to admit this . . . but on a trip to NO years ago, I was touring a cemetery. I came upon one of those above-grounds that appeared to be empty. My friend and I thought - oh! It's getting *ready* for burial - the thought never crossed our minds that there was a body entombed. So what did I do? Yeah, I climbed in for a picture. Only after the shot was taken did we realize that the plot had been vandalized - the tomb's "door" (of sorts) had been broken. I had crouched on a person's coffin. (shudder) I felt horrible. But really - did the person inside care? I'm guessing not.

Brianna said...

dionna -- If it makes you feel any better I learned that they often just sweep the old body to the back of the tomb and stock it with a fresh cadaver, your cadaver was just a bit fresher than average.