Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Happy Pi Day!

Today, March 14th (3-14), we celebrate the only holiday that brings together food and math -- Pi day. Since I make a point of only working at places that strive to be a bastion of salvation for people who were teased mercilessly in 7th grade my company honored the holiday with Bring a Pie for Pi Day. We ate the pies at 1:59 like the good little math geeks that we are (One coworker commented, "Luckily no one brought "e" to the office on 2-7 at 18:28....")

I made a nontraditional (it was more mouse-y and had a whipped topping) Key Lime Pie and an Impossible Taco Pie (Thank you to my dad for introducing me to this recipe and to bisquick for putting it on their box). Both pies turned out exactly as I wanted them. The lime was sharp and creamy and heralded the coming of spring (the 69 degree weather didn't hurt). The taco pie was silly and retro but still edible (actually more than edible, I got at least 3 requests for the recipe). The taco pie won the prettiest pie award (though I actually think the lime is prettier...) and Gillian's Pecan Pie won the Pi-est Pie award. The award for most delicious pie is still up for grabs (voting going on until tomorrow) so I'm hoping for a double win (and double gift certificates to William Sonoma!).


canadian sadie said...

This is the best thing I've heard of in MONTHS!

You math-geeks rock the Casbah! And you can count on it that next year? I'll be joining you!

themikestand said...

Some places display their dates as day/month/year, meaning that there would be another pi day on the 31st of April*.

So take THAT, math geek.

*shut up.