Monday, February 19, 2007

Random Wants 2

While browsing at Barnes and Nobel yesterday I ran across this book and immediately fell in love with author Garth Sundem (aka the smartest man on earth). This book contains equations for determining all of the following and more:
  • Do I have a snowballs chance in hell?
  • Should I become intimate with a coworker?
  • Should I call in sick to work?
Those of you lucky enough to hear me whine about my personal problems know that finding a mathematical equation to provide answers is my ultimate dream. Out of a desire not to appear to my shopping companion like the biggest dork ever (though he probably suspected this when I started heavily pushing the book on cod) I did not purchase this book yesterday but I have added it to my Amazon wishlist (hint hint ;)).


Cash said...

We bug him for stuff all of the time.

"Garth, how many homeruns will my kid hit?"


"Garth, who is going to win an Oscar this weekend?"

P.S. He really is the smartest man on earth - and we're a whole website of arrogant scientists, so you know it means something coming from us - but you left out "charming" from your description. Diane Sawyer called him that a few weeks ago. We put up the video here.

joe said...

And liking "Cod: The Fish that Changed The World" is not geeky! I'd like to see anyone change the world while not having opposible thumbs or eyelids and at the same time being an important source of Vitamin A, Vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids!

(And come on! Cod discovered America!)