Saturday, February 03, 2007

How to Find my Blog Part 2

As we learned in Part 1 most of the people who stumble upon this blog are soon disappointed. Instead of showing you pictures of my breasts or Sandra Lee's panties I spend my blog inches blathering on about reality tv and personal politics.

Last night Mike reported that this was the number one hit on his blog (one assumes this post is to blame)

I am now dissapointing people on other blogs!

As for my own keyword searchs I'm happy to report that google deliveries the following people to my doorstep

dial soap causes breasts in boys Hit #2! And it doesn't even reference the post on soy turning boys gay.

Update: Last night Amy and I were wondering if this was a problem we didn't know about -- after much googling we concluded that there was no active paranoia on ye olde internet about dial soap causing boy boobage. Then this morning i'm watching last night's Saturday Night Live (on DVR) and on Weekend Update Seth Meyer tells me this:

A new study suggests that lavendar and tea tree olis found in some shampoos, soaps and lotions can in rare cases temporarily leave boys with enlarged breasts.
I don't think dial packs a heavy dose of essential oils but it sounds like there is now one more easy way to make fun of the hippy kid.

how to raise heterosexual boys #6, there's the gay soy post.

brianna's POOP #1!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone wants a piece of me.

klesla girlfriend #9 (CALL ME)


Lisa said...

brianna- how do you know these! so interesting! i have sitemeter, maybe i havent figured it entirely out yet. let me know!

alia said...

laughing so hard i am afraid i'll wake up sam... hee!

Amy said...

much better! The internets are crazy parinoid over the lavendar and tea tree oil!

themikestand said...



Now, which soap do they say will grow my breasts in the most efficient way? I could use a little something to amuse me in my off-hours.