Thursday, February 22, 2007

Little News Items

Received an email from a friend today about how he often waits for big news before sending email and since big news rarely happens he never sends email. I do this too -- and I do this on my blog, figuring I should save valuable blog space for important topics like bra shopping and The Real World I often forget to make mention of my every day activities. Since it's been a slow week on the jcrew sale (hi, no one is pay $40 for v-neck cable sweaters, we all know my price point is $29 and you have overstock, stop being so stubborn.) and in the world of awful tv (though Amy and I did watch Wife Swap for the first time ever and some loon was making everyone eat 4 month old RAW chicken) I figured I'd update all on some little news.

1. I am going to New Orleans in a week for the first time ever (please pass on must do suggestions!)
2. I made some awesome olive rosemary bread for the superbowl (recipe from Cooks Illustrated)
3. I have friends who seem to think i'm the kind of person who should be invited to a football themed party
4. I will be spending Oscar night in Kentucky for work. I should really be getting paid more.
5. In march I am taking a professional cooking class at the international culinary education center -- am super excited and expect to gain around 10lbs.
6. Just finished "House of Leaves" was unimpressed (it never gets over being pretentious)-- have just started "The End of Faith" and so far I'm enjoying it even if it is a little dense for the morning subway ride.


Amy said...

football themed party?

Brianna said...

yes Amy, it's called the Super Bowl. :)

thethinker said...

When in New Orleans, go get beignets at Cafe Du Monde. They are sooooo good.

joe said...

And when in New Orleans, DON'T go to Cafe Du Monde, buy the beignets mix and keep it for like 6 years in your cabinet, saying that you can't throw it out because you may want to make them one day. That will only make someone yell at you and swear the box must be filled with worms by now!

...seriously amy, throw out the box already

Amy said...

someday I'm going to make those beignets. and they won't be wormy- the will be delicious. and I won't share them with you :P (meaning Joe. Of course brianna can have a beignet or two)