Thursday, May 18, 2006

I Broke Victoria's Secret

Yesterday I made a visit to the bra super store on a desperate mission for a tshirt bra. I did all the annoying difficult things:

1. Accepted that I would probably be paying full price
2. Talked to sales people
3. Allowed sales people to measure me
4. Walked around for strangers in only my bra.

No matter what size or style I tried on the middle band stretched in midair between my breasts instead of resting on the valley floor. Eventually the sales lady admitted that Victoria's Secret would not be able to provide me with a bra that fits. Apparently I am a huge freak.

So lesson of the day: Being a girl sucks. Boys never have to go to multiple store trying on pair after pair of underwear only to find NONE that fit correctly. This is why they have tons of extra time to take over the governments of the world. Boys suck.

So now I may have to do the most annoyed and difficult thing of all: Go to a fancy pants bra store. This will surly result in G thinking that he was right even though obviously it is impossible for him to be right because the law of the universe dictate that you can have a penis OR you can have an opinion about where people should buy bras, you cannot have both.


themikestand said...

See, here's where I show my ignorance. I thought VS was a fancy pants bra store. Tsk, tsk, Vicky. Shame on you.

M said...

Hey I really got a kick out of this. Where did you find a bra?