Wednesday, June 25, 2008

How We Roll In Software Development

While brainstorming team building activities with a coworker the idea of a paper airplane making contest came up which was soon followed by an egg drop and then by this conversation.

we should perhaps consider making people carry around a flour baby
Giselle: o yes!
Brianna: so we can all develop sympathy for our coworkers who made the questionable decision to breed.
Brianna: "This week for fun we'll all make dioramas of scenes from books we recently read"
Brianna: and they'll all be like snipets of code
Brianna: all propped up in a shoe box
Giselle: this red string represents ruby on rails
Giselle: and it's heading into the cotton balls
Giselle: they represent the 'web'


lfar said...

so beautifully nerdy! said...

I had no idea geeks too much time on their hands, too! ;-)

alia said...

i initially read that as "the questionable decision to bread"... which considering itwas a flour baby... made a lot of sense.

how big would the bags of flour be?