Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Honey, We Have Guests!

On Monday ProfessorBrainbridge linked to my United Airlines post and he must be pretty well respected because on Tuesday his praise resulted in 299 hits on this little blog. Only about 10 of those were me putting out guest towels, cleaning behind the toilet and pretending that I never eat in front of the television. Mama done brought me up right: always lie to guests. If only I'd had time to prepare I would have totally had pants on when all the new folks arrived.

Thank god for site meter (and stat counter, my ego demands two forms of behind the scenes blog-y goodness) or I'd have never known that I was on the cusp of fame and would be ill prepared for the day when I sell out to advertisers, quit my job and blog full time (next Thursday). 300+ visitors and not one of you can leave a comment? Don't you know that I live for comments and die for comments from people who don't know me in real life and therefore have no obligation to care about my ramblings?

It's funny how my ego has gotten so tied up in this blog. Seeing all of those people poking around has me acting like Sally Field, "You like me!!!!"

Update: Today I got linked by The Curious Capitalist over at TIME MAGAZINE. Let me quote his eloquent description of yours truly, "one of the great blog posts of our age." I have only one thing to say to you Mr. Capitalist, "Your place or mine?"


ymmartin said...

Brianna, pleased to meet you. Actually came your way, by a way of the Curious Capitalist blog on Time's site. That's right you've made the big time. I'm sure if you're checking that counter it's either:
1) just stopped after 398 and said to hell with it or
2) said YEAH, give it to me you bad anonymous visiting fools you.

Counters can be funny like that.

The main thing after starting with your United Customer Service post I began wandering my way through several others. I have to say, you're articulate, come across intelligent, have a great appreciation of good food, and some weird connection to your breast. But then again as a man, well I have a connection to you know what. So we're even.

Well, when all is said and done, I took the time to read and read and I have to thank you for filling a void in my otherwise tedious day, and say I'll definitely be back - not so much for the posts on breasts (ok, yeah who am I kidding), to read an intelligent post with that unique perspective you have. I definitely look forward to it.

themikestand said...

I'd just like to put this out there:


There. I feel so much better. Bri (I CALL HER BRI!), don't forget us when you're all famous and you get a verb named after you.

Joe said...

awww man! Bri is going to be impossible to deal with now! "one of the great blog posts of our age"? Quick someone make a post pointing out typos or something! ;)
We love you Brianna!

phooky said...

Yawn. Wake me when you're on Slashdot.

What? You wanted comments, right?

Anonymous said...

Wow cool I knew you would make the big time:) But the whole slutting in Paris. You sure? I mean you didn't even take home a guy named Magnus?

Love Ya


Rob Mark said...

We all live for comments Brianna.

But Lordy ... no one is ever going to ask me to write for Letterman after reading my blog.

But they SHOULD be asking you.

Problem with our goofy aviation industry - I work in it - is that you could have a great experience one day and a suckie trip the next.

I think that qualifies as torture doesn't it?

Mrs. Curious Capitalist said...

So cool! I'm assuming that when you said to my husband "your place or mine," you were talking about babysitting. Since CC Jr. goes to bed at 7:30, you can totally blog while sitting!!

How's a week from Friday? Preferably at our place.

Brianna said...

ymmartin: thanks! for a good 5 hours there you were the only new folk commenter so you must be pretty awesome.

mike: When exactly was I nothing?

joe: compiling my typos into a post would require more storage space than anyone reading this blog can afford.

phooky: coworkers are always so supportive.

Kelly: I have many goals for the future...

rob mark: it looks like the time guy is married... are you free tomorrow?

Mrs. CC: Your comment made me giggle more than anyone else's -- yeah for you! Incidentally, I love kids almost as must as I love blog comments, I charge $8/hour

themikestand said...

Brianna: Right before some guy said you wrote "one of the best blog posts of our age" :)

And you're totally giving it away at $8/hr. We pay high-schoolers that. Then again, they stay out of my liquor cabinet.

alia said...

dude, $8?! the going rate around here is $10.

whatcha doin' tonight, nevermind next week?

i'll even pay travel expenses. ;>

btw: if you dropped the "babble" it would be a TLA... BRA...

more snickering... and when did the ladies get cowboy hats and guns? i like it, i just am sad i missed noticing it...

totally jealous... in soviet russia, time reads *you*

mrs. curious capitalist said...

We pay high schoolers $12 an hour, and I'm pretty sure they stay out of the liquor cabinet. So, to keep up with the going rate on the Upper West Side, I sure hope you're drinking at least $4 an hour's worth!