Wednesday, May 09, 2007

A PSA for the Ladies


Can everyone one please stop hovering? Hovering is the bathroom equivalent of driving a huge SUV. Sure, your ass is dry but while selfishly protecting your own tuckus you're spaying pee all over the damn seat. Everyone else is suffering from your self serving ways. You have no aim when you hover. If all of us would just sit the fuck down there would be no reason to hover in the first place.

If you absolutely refuse to let your precious behind touch porcelain at least have the moral character to wipe the damn seat after you spray urine all over it.

Only you can prevent wet butts.


kajal said...

Ladies, please also remember that when you STAIN a should fix that too.

themikestand said...

Nice to know it's not just my office with the bad pee-aim.


canadian sadie said...

A-men, sistah!