Thursday, March 09, 2006

Washington DC is paradise to me...

Props to the Magnetic Fields for that Title.

Last weekend Geoff and I took a somewhat impromptu (planned 2 weeks in advance... which for me is the height of spontaneity) weekend trip to our nation's capital. Though the whole city is sullied with the stink of the Bush administration we managed to have a good time.

Our main reason for the trip was debauchery but as convenient cover Geoff's brother had a house warming party at his newly purchased condo so our image remains untarnished. The brother is a fair bit younger than G and I and his party offered me a opportunity to simultaneously feel great that I could still pass as college student ("so... what are you majoring in?") and feel horribly inadequate for being 28 and homeless (my cute apartment notwithstanding). What is with these young whippersnappers buying up homes at age 24?

So Friday was spend on the blow-up mattress on the brother's floor (it's cold comfort that he cannot afford snazzy new furniture for the guest room). Saturday on the other hand:

Geoff was originally drawn to the Rouge Hotel by their promise of free bloody mary's and cold pizza (who can blame him?) but ultimately it offered us so much more:

A sexy place to sleep:

and take silly pictures of ourselves:

I highly recommend the joint.

We didn't just get dressed up to pretend we were models in our hotel room, we also went to another foodie-fest. We did a bit of research on the old internet for hip eateries in DC and ended up at Corduroy. Most of the reviews we read billed the place as highly under rated, never crowded and fairly cheap along with being yummy. All four promises were true! We both had the lobster salad starter (a special version since they were out of the regular dish which i had read great reviews of) it was simple, a light mayonnaise, tomato and red onion -- it's hard to screw up lobster. I had the venison loin for my main course (I must be missing the meals of my childhood when mom and dad would bring venison home from the hunt every year). I know I already said this when reviewing WD-50 but venison loin is surprisingly moist! Even though my mother has a gift for making venison taste amazing I still always think of it as being a bit dry and this loin was anything but. For Dessert we shared the creme brule which I actually thought could have been a bit more vanilla-y but was yummy all the same. All in all a great meal and for much less then we're used to paying in New York.

I have spent a decent amount of time in and around DC and have never thought of it as a very nice or pretty city but this trip changed that. Staying in dupont circle near all of the embassies really made me see why people would want to live there -- though I'm sure I couldn't afford a house in that neighborhood any more than here in NYC.

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themikestand said...

You two are disgustingly cute.

Also, this sentence:
"when mom and dad would bring venison home from the hunt every year"

makes you sound
A) like a cave-dweller,
B) Of Native-American culture

Either way, I'll look for venison on my local menus, but I assure you I won't find it.