Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Because I am a sheep I am moving to blogger.

Also because live journal is kind of ugly.

Also #2 because live journal didn't let me post my pretty profile script from personalDNA (seriously, look how cute it is)


Blogagaard said...

hello, sheep.

Anonymous said...

you rock and roller! you actually do care about aesthetics....though clearly only in your choice of templates, not in your choice of men.

themikestand said...

Welcome! I hope you find all that you seek.

Now you'll have to figure out if you'll move your LJ stuff over. Heh. (it's not difficult)

Anonymous said...

wha happened to the comments? i wanted to mention that i've peed on plenty of whimsical statues at a variety of themed hotels throughout the country, and seem to have suffered no ill effects.

Brianna said...

comments fixed in the kinkade post -- not sure why they got set to "no comments"

Geoff -- stop being lazy and log in when you comment so i don't feel like some anonymous guy is stalking me ;).