Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Off We Go

Oh Hi.

It has been a dream of mine for years to check out on life and spend as long as possible traveling. Ideally this would involve beaches and exotic fruits. Double ideally this would take place in a warm place when my homeland is frozen solid. Triple ideally this would somehow not cost a fortune.

Well guess whose dreams are all coming true?

On February 6th G and I depart for 3 months in South East Asia so I suppose one could say that it is my dreams that are blossoming but the real winners here are you guys, my fair readers. Cause what excuse could I possibly have not to write when I'm just lazing around on the beach for 3 months? Let me list them for you: No Wifi, Mai Tais, Contracted malaria, Busy sleeping 15 hours/day, Sunburnt my fingertips and cannot type, Kidnapped by pirates. Now I am going to try super hard not to use those but I can't make any promises (especially if the pirates look anything like Johnny Depp).

Right now the trip planning is taking over my life. We've spent months stressing out over subletting our apartment. I've created 3 different Google docs to track our to do lists (and endured what adds up to hours of eyerolling from G because I continue to share these with him and he continues to think i'm f-ing insane). I've purchased a pair of those often awful light-weight hiking pants made for people who like to be active in humid countries but apparently do not like to look cute at all. (Thank you to Kajal for the shopping assist and for laughing her head off at the 3 or 4 pairs that actually had pleated elastic waist bands). I have stocked up on an obscene amount of sunscreen and have also accepted that G will almost for sure come home with a melanoma anyway cause have you seen him? I have purchased a netbook and named it mangosteen. I am ready. South East Asia: Bring it.


Sky said...

Cannot believe it is actually happening!!! Here is to hoping that travel in SEA will be as blog inspiring as dating lame boys was. Geoff might be able to redeem himself if so.

Jillian said...

Brianna that's amazing! Big congrats to you for making your dreams come true!

Matthew said...

See you there!!!