Monday, April 16, 2007

Random Recommends 5

Tropicana Pure Valencia Orange Juice

Last week I invited a friend over for "breakfast for dinner" so that I could practice my sunny side up egg making skills. The eggs turned out lovely but the stand out of the meal what this orange juice. I normally don't find bottled orange juice good enough to bother with the calories but fresh squeezed is another thing all together and I'll happily pay upwards of $4 for a glass. Tropicana's new offering is almost as good as fresh squeezed (but requires neither muscle nor special machinery nor a busting bank account). It's so good, I even had a glass without any vodka.

Rainboots from Target has rainboots in 57 different prints (according to my calculations) for $13.99-$19.99 and if you order any two items from women's clothing or shoes you get free shipping! Last Thursday when I woke up to the ticking of rain at my window I could hardly conceal my glee (actually I made no attempts at concealing it but only Mr. Chinchilla was around to see my joyful wiggling and he just gave me that "arn't you gonna gimmie a craisin?" look as usual). A couple of coworkers and I ordered boots together a few weeks ago and so the joy continued all day as we passed each other in the hallways and giggled at each other's cute (and dry!) feet. We've been having a very rainy week and I'm happy to report that even 3 stormy days of rainy gloom is still out wieghed by the excitement of wearing my cute new boots.

Laura Bee Designs

I'm not much of a purse girl but about a month ago I decided that in order to be a proper New York City girl I needed to have at least one cute purse option for those days when my laptop bag (a previous feature on Random Recommends) is too unwieldy. I tend to get stuck on the idea of finding the *bestest* *most perfect* object of my desire which often leads to much searching and little purchasing but luckily in this case I stumbled onto the Laura Bee site fairly early in my quest. This purse may have turned me into a purse girl (if you ever catch me spending $200+ on some bag please look at me in shame and force me to give equal amounts to charity). I have a wedding to attend in two weeks and I'm already planning my outfit around this bag.

While at the site I picked up one of their cute (and fairly cheap!) wristlets as a late birthday gift for Miss Amy and while she may be politely lying she claims to that it is also quite lovely (Amy: if you don't like it give it back! I only buy gifts that I secretly want for myself!).

Emmi Grapefruit Yogurt

(Picture stolen from (at least) one cool thing)

When a coworker recommended this yogurt my immediate thought was, "eww, grapefruit and dairy?" I don't know why the idea produced such cringing since I've long been a fan of lemon yogurt. The Swiss must have made some soul exchange sort of deal with the god a dairy because oh my god this yogurt is amazing. The best part of the experience is that the foil cover tends to get a build up of the fat in the yogurt which, even though it sounds a bit gross, should never be thrown away since it's the yummiest thing in the world. God knows how Emmi manages this with only 1.5% milk fat. Somehow the overall impression of this yogurt is refreshing (not something one usually associates with dairy products). Last week I made a separate trip to a second deli because deli number one did not have this yogurt in stock -- when it comes to glowing reviews not much out does a product that has me willingly participating in such inefficiency.


themikestand said...

Nice boots!

Pity we don't have Target up here. I have to shop for boots for the kids this weekend, and I fear that the really big store that everyone hates will have a horrible selection.

court said...

Where are you? you've been quiet for a while! xoxo