Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Random Recommends

I love product recommendation blogs like Mighty Goods, Cool Hunting and Popgadget and have often fantasized that someone would offer me a job where companies send me free products so I can express my nonexpert, completely biased opinions. In addition to getting free stuff this job seems like it would also result in getting lots of fun nonjunk mail so it’s clearly the most perfect vocation ever. So, in hopes that powerful people will start shipping me complimentary products I present the first installment of Random Recommends.

Benetint Pocket Pal

Boys may complain that the gloss in this product is overly sticky and thus makes you unkissable but they will be lying because the stain plus gloss combo will make your lips so sexy that all stickiness will be forgotten in the heat of making out (and anyway isn’t stickiness of some sort always part of the best make-out sessions?). Extra bonus points for smelling like roses and having a vaguely dirty name – just saying the words “pocket pal” are enough to brighten any gloomy day (I have the sense of humor of an 8 year old).

Cargo Blush/Bronzer

A couple of sweeps of this on my cheeks and I suddenly feel 8000 times prettier. I used to be a devotee of the brozer but was in a state of constant conflict over if I needed the fair or the medium. This resulted in much consternation so I switched over to the blush in “The Big Easy” and though I sometimes wonder if my cheeks look a little too rosy for a 28 year old I’m pretty happy and happily pretty.

Dorot Frozen Herbs

As a huge foodie I am a big believer in fresh herbs over dried but I always end up throwing out half of every bunch of herbs I buy. I always say I’ll make and freeze pesto but I don’t. Alton Brown has a decent method for keeping herbs longer than usual (wrap in damp paper towel, wrap in aluminum foil, store in fridge) but frankly I’m way too lazy to do this on a regular basis. Enter Dorot Frozen Herbs – popping a few cubes of basil or parsley into simmering sauces has saved my snobby chef ass on more than one occasion – you can pick these up at Trader Joes for super cheep and they keep for months.

Lodge Cast Iron Pans

Nonstick is a waste of your money (well except when it come to breakfast – nonstick still makes some amazing omelets and pancakes). I use my cast iron skillet so much that I store it on top of my oven (ok, maybe this is also a manifestation of my laziness but it really does get used about 3 times a week). I know a lot of people are afraid of cast iron because of the curing aspect. I have recurred this pan twice and never had any problems – just fry some bacon and stick the greasy pan in the oven for a couple of hours – easy-peasy.

Draven Slip on Shoes

All summer long I lived in jcrew flip flops – I hate spending time tying my shoes (perhaps this post should be retitled “Brianna is a Lazy Whiner”) and the onset of fall brought many boring minutes of shoe tying. I was truly depressed to think of all the time lost that could have been spent walking quickly towards the subway (I’m sure shoe tying led to at least 5 missed trains). I started out trying to remedy this problem with Vans slip ons which in addition to saving me time would help me to gain retro cool points – but I didn’t love any of the Vans patterns. I found these shoes by Draven at a Journey’s outlet in Alabama and I am mad about them. They slip on for quick getaways AND are adorned with skulls and hearts thus making it easy for me to pretend that I’m all punk rock. Perfect footwear.

Convertible Shopping Bag

I bought this last year on a shopping trip with my friend Evelyn who gets a huge discount due to being part of The Container Store cult but even at full price ($7.99) it’s an amazing bargain. I try to keep my little blue pouch (not shown) in my laptop bag for shopping emergencies – in addition to saving me from contributing to the mountain of plastic bags that is forever threatening to tumble down from atop my refrigerator this bag is infinitely more comfortable to carry than your average plastic number.


Gillian said...

I love you. Will you be my girlfriend? (OK, one of my girlfriends, I have at least one already...)

Brianna said...

I love you too and will of course be your girlfriend since I'm ALREADY your sister wife. I am, however, a bit confused about what part of this post made you so enamored. Probably it was my laziness, that's my most attractive quality.

themikestand said...

I have a virtual hard-on for cast iron. But this probably does not surprise you.

I'm undecided about the blush and the lip gloss, but those shoes are kicky! (pun intended).

Dissatisfied with nonstick,
Mike in Canada

themikestand said...

Oh, and I just was also just passed-down the remaining pieces of a Le Creuset pot set, which matches the cast iron pan I'd already "borrowed". Whee!

Brianna said...

you have le creuset pots?!?! oh my god i am so jealous. Every time i see their stuff i stare and drool and try to come up with a reason to buy a $100+ piece of cookware...

Anonymous said...

excuses/ways to buy expensive pots...

1) tell everyone you're getting married, register for gifts, then leave the country haul in hand

2) tell everyone someone just died and you have to make a casserole but you're all out and could you borrow theirs?

3) one word: Christmas.

4) another word: Birthday.

5) um... you're having a midlife crisis. (hey, if guys get flashy sports cars, shouldn't *we* get flashy cookware?... could also work for buying silk longjohns. mmm, silk...)


ps: sam just banged his fingers with a toy puzzle hammer, and kissed them himself... oh the adorableness. you should do a post about how adorable sam is... ;>

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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themikestand said...

Someone tell me when I can get this flashy sportscar. Please?

Gillian said...

I defy you to come up with a reason *not* to buy Le Creuset - it's the shizzle, dude! I'll ask our husband to pick some up for you on his way home.